Getting a Marriage Visa for Australia

Many young people want to move to Australia because of all the amenities, scopes, and securities this wonderful country hosts. From professional opportunities, to the breathtaking beauty of the land; Australia is a country that is both inviting and indulging. With more people from India being welcomed to make this exotic country their home, getting a spouse visa for Australia is increasingly easy to acquire. If your partner is already an Australian Citizen, or a Permanent Resident of the country, you can get your spouse visa hassle free with minimal formalities.

Another form of marriage visa for Australia is the ‘Prospective Spouse Visa’. This special category of visa is meant for people who are seeking to marry a permanent resident of Australia, or a citizen of Australia or New Zealand (under special eligibility). This form of matrimonially inclined visa is a bit more complicated to acquire in consideration that the immigrations control will have to verify various clauses and conditions of granting such a visa. Let us broadly discuss the various requirements of both types of spouse visa for Australia –

Profession – Every year, the Australian immigration authorities release a ‘desirables’ list of professions. These are classified as fields like Medicine, Teaching, Science, and Technology; and are the field requiring manpower in the country. If your professional pursuits match with this desirable profession list, getting either form of spouse visa is easy. However, while such a professional aspect is mandatory for a Prospective Spouse Visa, a general Spouse Visa can be obtained on the grounds that your partner is already working in Australia or is a citizen.

Education – Since many students travel to Australia for education at graduation and post – graduation levels; educational aspects of a marriage visa for Australia can also be looked into. Students, who have migrated to Australia for studies, often apply for a permanent visa by matrimonial condition. This includes sports, because sports education is highly developed in Australia, and many Indians migrate to the country for a better, more grounded career in sports.

Special Categories – If you are an artist, author, or especially recognized individual in any field, it bears great marks with the immigration board. In case you are a distinguished scholar, published author, or celebrated artist, getting a prospective or general spouse visa for Australia is easy and uncomplicated. With a huge capacity to facilitate talent, the country has open doors for achievers to do more.