Block Based Programming


Sure! Here’s a WhatsApp message to promote learning programming and coding for kids aged 7+ through code blocks of Scratch:

🌟 Exciting News for Parents of Creative Kids! 🌟

Hey there! Are you looking for a fun and educational activity for your child? Look no further! Introducing our Coding for Kids program using Scratch!

πŸš€ What is Scratch?
Scratch is a beginner-friendly programming language where kids can create interactive stories, games, and animations by snapping together colorful code blocks. It’s like digital LEGO for coding!

πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦ Who is it for?
Our Coding for Kids program is perfect for children aged 7 and above who are curious, creative, and ready to dive into the world of coding! No prior experience needed – just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn!

🌈 Why Choose Scratch?

Β Β Β  Encourages problem-solving skills
Β Β Β  Fosters creativity and imagination
Β Β Β  Builds logical thinking and computational skills
Β Β Β  Fun and engaging for kids of all ages!

πŸ“… Program Details:

Β Β Β  Duration: 10 Days
Β Β Β  Age: 7+
Β Β Β  Weekly sessions: Mon – Fri
Β Β Β  Interactive lessons, guided projects, and hands-on activities
Β Β Β  Experienced instructors to support and encourage your child every step of the way

πŸŽ‰ Limited Slots Available! Enroll Now!
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for your child to learn programming in a fun and interactive way! Secure your child’s spot today by replying to this message or contacting us at +91 9664630451. Let’s empower your child to become a future coder and innovator! πŸ’»βœ¨

Feel free to share this message with other parents who might be interested. Together, let’s inspire the next generation of young programmers! 🌟

Happy Coding!
Anita Mourya

Feel free to customize this message as needed for your specific program and audience!

Scratch Applications:

Scratch programming helps to make a wide range of interactive projects, from simple animations to complex games and simulations. Here are some specific things that Scratch programming can help you make:

  1. Animated Stories: With Scratch, you can create animated stories by designing characters, backgrounds, and dialogue. You can use movement blocks to animate characters and create scenes that unfold based on user interaction.

  2. Educational Games: Scratch can be used to develop educational games that teach concepts in subjects like math, science, language arts, and history. Games can feature quizzes, interactive simulations, and challenges to engage learners.

  3. Art Projects: Scratch provides tools for creating interactive art projects, including drawing tools, sprite costumes, and effects. You can experiment with colors, shapes, and patterns to create visually stunning compositions.

  4. Interactive Simulations: Using Scratch’s programming blocks, you can create interactive simulations that model real-world phenomena or abstract concepts. This could include simulations of physics experiments, ecological systems, or social interactions.

  5. Puzzle Games: Scratch is well-suited for creating puzzle games that challenge players to solve problems using logic and strategy. You can design levels with obstacles, traps, and puzzles that require creative thinking to overcome.

  6. Music and Sound Projects: Scratch allows you to incorporate music and sound effects into your projects, enabling you to create interactive music compositions, soundscapes, or rhythm games.

  7. Virtual Experiences: Scratch can be used to create virtual experiences, such as interactive tours, virtual museums, or immersive narratives. Users can navigate through different scenes and interact with objects to learn or explore.

  8. Multiplayer Games: While Scratch itself doesn’t support multiplayer functionality out of the box, you can create multiplayer games by incorporating network communication techniques or by leveraging external platforms for multiplayer functionality.

  9. Coding Challenges: Scratch can be used to create coding challenges or tutorials to help others learn programming concepts. You can design projects that encourage experimentation and problem-solving, with opportunities for users to modify and remix code.

  10. Creative Mashups: One of the strengths of Scratch is its remixing culture, where users can take existing projects and remix them into something new. You can explore remixing other users’ projects or creating mashups that combine elements from different projects.

Overall, Scratch programming provides a versatile platform for creating interactive projects across various genres and styles, empowering users to express their creativity and share their creations with others.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Requirements: Basic computer skills, access to a computer/laptop with internet connection
  • Certification: Certificate of completion provided upon finishing the course
14+ years of Coding Experience
300+ Websites made
20+ Students Taught

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a coding expert in just 10 days! Enroll now and unlock endless possibilities for your online presence.