New Improvements in WordPress 3.6

1) Format For Post

The different types of Post Format have been changed in WordPress 3.6.


2) Browse your auto saved revisions

From the Different auto saved post, we can browse any and have it auto return when required by just browsing it back.



3) Attached Files

We can what all image are being attached to the post, which is a feature differ from featured image.


4) Media Filter

Previously it was just about images, now we have different filter for all type of files attached. For e.g PDF below.

5) Post Locking

Post locking have been in Joomla, now its been added to WordPress too, It notifies multi editor for post that are under changes by other editor.

Post locking

6) WordPress 2013 Theme

From all the themes of WordPress, we can now use WordPress Theme “Thirteen” as our new child theme, which have a brand new look and support for new features.