5 Days Course Syllabus:

Day 1: Introduction to Block-Based Programming

  • 1 Hour Session:
    • Icebreaker activity to get to know the students and their interests.
    • Introduction to block-based programming concepts using a beginner-friendly platform like Scratch or Blockly.
    • Explaining the concept of blocks, sprites, and the stage.
  • 1/2 Hour Session:
    • Hands-on activity: Students create their first simple animation or game using pre-made blocks.
    • Encourage experimentation with different block combinations to understand how they interact.

Day 2: Building Interactive Projects

  • 1 Hour Session:
    • Recap of previous day’s learning.
    • Introduction to event-driven programming: explaining events, triggers, and actions.
    • Demonstration of how to create interactive projects such as quizzes or simple games.
  • 1/2 Hour Session:
    • Guided project: Students work on creating their own interactive project, with assistance from instructors.
    • Emphasis on creativity and problem-solving as they encounter challenges.

Day 3: Animation and Storytelling

  • 1 Hour Session:
    • Introduction to animation concepts: sprites, costumes, and motion blocks.
    • Show examples of animated stories or characters created using block-based programming.
  • 1/2 Hour Session:
    • Creative storytelling project: Students create an animated story or character using block-based animation tools.
    • Encourage narrative development and artistic expression.

Day 4: Introduction to Loops and Variables

  • 1 Hour Session:
    • Explanation of loops: their purpose and how they work in block-based programming.
    • Introduction to variables: what they are and how they can be used to store data.
  • 1/2 Hour Session:
    • Hands-on exercises: Students practice using loops and variables in simple programs.
    • Challenge: Create a program that uses loops and variables to simulate a simple game or animation.

Day 5: Project Showcase and Wrap-Up

  • 1 Hour Session:
    • Final touches on projects from previous days.
    • Practice presentations: Students prepare to showcase their projects to the class.
  • 1/2 Hour Session:
    • Project showcase: Each student presents their project to the class, explaining its concept and demonstrating how it works.
    • Celebration and feedback: Provide positive feedback on each project and highlight areas for improvement.
    • Certificate ceremony: Award certificates of completion to all students, acknowledging their participation and achievements.

Throughout the course, encourage collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Keep the atmosphere fun and engaging to foster a love for programming in the students.

Block Based Programming

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Course Details:

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Requirements: Basic computer skills, access to a computer/laptop with internet connection
  • Certification: Certificate of completion provided upon finishing the course
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